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From: Kevinmjoaol.com
Subject: Farm Family 4All rights reserved by author. You must be of legal age to read or please
move on. Contains Male on Male unprotected sex. Do be safe at all times.
This is not a true story. Meet with the Author Kevin Kelly Second Sunday
of each month at " Uncle's" a Gay bar in Philadelphia, Pa. locust and
Comac sts. between 12th and 13th on Locust. 2 to 4 PM. Talk enjoy.
write Kevinmjoaol.com just stop on by ask for Kev. We three entered the bed room single file. As soon as the door
was closed lolita teen underwear models Jed grabbed and pulled the three of Us into a hug. Our three
blonde heads of hair pressing together, Our hands free lolita teen porn all over each others
backs and shoulders as we were locked tightly in our group embrace. I
felt so strongly the new bond now between the three of Us. The new
situation. The new life. Slowly Jed was kissing Eric on the cheek and
Eric returned his kiss then Jed turned to me and was kissing my cheek.
The strongest, most powerful and most stable of Us three had tears
running from His eyes as He kissed us there in the dark bed room. His
back muscles rippled in my hands as I rubbed his back. This was the man
who was intent on screwing me up the ass this very night. My strong
responsible older Brother Jed. Eric broke first from the group saying
something about Us needing some light. Jed pulled me then into his strong
powerful arms and our bodies were pressing together as never before. His
big cock touching on mine through our jeans. We got into a swaying motion
with our two hard dicks pressed together. From side to side Our cocks
were humping as if with a life of their own? Jed kissed me full on the
mouth and His tongue came into my mouth and we were sward fighting with
our tongues. The TV came on and its glow filing the air as Jed my blonde
Adonis Brother was kissing me.In a soft voice so as not to disturb Dad Eric said. " We'll just keep the
TV on for light and to muff our sounds guys. Come on to bed You two." Jed released me and we smiled into each others eyes. I was
thinking how very handsome He was as he lead me to my own twin bed. Eric
was already seated on the bed removing his boots. jed sat me down and
knelt in front of me and smiling up at me He was removing my boots. The
one off He tosed it behind him and held my socked foot up 16yo lolita nymph net and was holding
it then leaned down and kissed my socked foot. he repeated the gesture
with my other foot. Now again as back to the first foot he slowly removed
my sock kissing my bare foot. doing the same with the other." What a
gentle Lover He is going to be" I was thinking.
Eric was behind me on his knees on the bed unbuttoning my
shirt. as Now my older Brother was intent on undoing my fly. My Shirt off
Eric was loli model feet pics
playing with my pec's and my nipples while Jed had my jeans open
and was pulling both the jeans and my underwear down. Eric was under my
arm pit now licking and eating at my sweaty arm pits. He was really
thrilling me with his hot young teen mouth. Jed was pulling my jeans off
my feet rendering me now naked before the two." Oh God I love your dick" Jed had said and then he was on it with the
same rush and sensational thrills as in the barn. Jed eating my cock and
balls and Eric eating out my arm pits and alternating with my nipples was
all the pleasure any one Man could pray for. I was in my glory." Let me eat out his ass hole before You fuck Him Jed. So He'll be good
and ready for Your big cock." I heard my Kid Brother pleading.Jed came off my cock and holding it looked up to me saying " This is up
to you Kevin. You want Eric to eat out your ass hole like a man does a
Women's pussy and make you all ready for me to fuck You?" Yes" I managed to get out and then added " But both You guy's please go
easy, I am still all new to this stuff."Jed squeezed my cock real hard saying. " Your going to love this Kevin
and with a little luck We'll all give up the pussy for male pussy? He
then gently kissed the head of my hard 8 inch cock.Eric was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. He arranged me on all
fours on my twin bed and spread my legs while him now naked came up
behind me. Jed was stripping off his own clothes preparing for the main
event. His fucking me. I was now feeling Eric's hands on my bare ass
cheeks. lolita nude tiny photos I had no idea what this would feel like? then his mouth came in
contact with my ass hole and His tongue was flicking into my hole and
wetting my hole and thrilling me. I was soon pushing back on His tongue
it felt so wonderful and i begged Him to keep it up and the handsome man
was moaning with pleasure himself loving eating out my ass hole. My ass
was all wet and dripping from Eric and I was loving it. He was
alternating with his tongue and a finger in my new pussy. feeling my hard
cock as he expertly was eating my pussy. I looked over and now Jed was
all naked standing there like Adonis holding his monster cock in his
hand. the fat mushroom cock head with the flared ridge to the head of it
seemed way to large to ever fit into my poor small hole?
Looking at his monster cock I had mixed feelings. I wanted it
sure But it was so dam thick and so long? Jed must have read my mind? He
stepped up and while i was pushing back into Eric's mouth he held his big
prick right into my face and I opened my mouth and took in his cock again
twice now in one day his big prick was in my mouth. I knew my whole
purpose in life now was to please this man and his big dick. As my
tongue rolled around that big flared cock head of Jed's tasted his cum
and my lips felt the steel hard shaft of His cock I knew I had to endure
any and all pain needed to take this monster meat or die.
Eric called out now. " Hell I been fucking this boy with my
three finger now a good while Jed. You better get your cock over here and
fuck him before He goes and creams on the sheets first."Jed now pulled his big bare cock from my mouth. I was hard as a rock
until then between the finger fucking from Eric and the sucking on Jed's
cock. Now my dick shrank to near nothing. I felt like a man on the
electric chair waiting for them to throw the switch. Jed was greasing up
his tool and now coming behind me. he leaned down first and ran his
tongue all up and down the whole length of my crack then He lined his big
dick up to my rose bud and i felt the pressure of His cock pushing into
me begging to enter me and then more demanding to enter. I tried to relax
but just couldn't then his whole cock head was suddenly in me spreading
me so wide I thought I'd split open and bleed to death right there. I
begged Jed to pull out. He just kept it going in. Inch by inch by painful
inch.Jed then leaned onto my bare back and I felt his strong chest against my
back his cock firmly impaled in my pussy. In my ears he whispered.
" Kevin ride with it man I am half in now and going to stop here until
Your ready for the rest of it. OK?I let out a under 18 lolita nudes breath and Eric was now rubbing my head giving me
encouragement. I managed to say. " OK Jed I love You and I want You in
me." While he was in me and I was opened so wide I got brave and began to
squeeze my pussy lips and feel my lips tighten around his bare skinned
cock. He would moan each time i did that. Then slowly Jed began again to
slid in my and I felt that big long 11 inches coming into me mush less
pain now and much more pleasure. He pulled out now some maybe four inches
and my pussy lips were feeling and thrilling as they were pulled in a new
direction then he was pushing back in now and thrilling me more and more
now the tempo picked up and His big cock was slamming hard deep inside me
thrilling me pulling pushing my pussy lips with each manly hard strong
thrust of cock in and out.Jed was pounding me pussy now and sweating on me as he trust inside my
hole. he said. " Oh Kevin this is so good. Yea man what a nice tight Boy
pussy You've got. OH Kevin I love fucking You like this. Love being deep
inside You like this legal preteen lolita models
Kevin. Yea Kevin You ready Man to take my cum load
like a man?I was able to get out with. " Oh Jed your the best fucker ever OH yea
both You guys are great I love cock now. OH yea fuck my pussy Jed stick
that big dick in me man. OH God Dear God this is so great. I love cock I
love cock." I was cuming on the sheets as he still pounded into my pussy
without even touching myself? Jed grabbed my hips hard with two hands
like He was about to fall over and his body stiffened up his cock began
to jerk deep up inside me 11 inches inside me and he was cuming in my
hole filling me up with his Brother load of cum juice.
Jed collapsed on top www lolita play com of me and still in my now cum soaked hole.
He stayed like that until his cock got so soft it fell out and a flood of
Hhis cream load followed his cock out of my male pussy.
We rested on the one bed the three of us. Eric in the middle and drifted
off to sleep. naked and in love. During the night I dreamed of fucking
Eric and Jed. I dreamed of Eric's licking my foot and my arm pits I
dreamed of doing that to the both of them. I slept content like never
before with my two stud Brothers.
I like to hear back from You the reader and continue a story based on the
feed back I get. Write kevinmjoaol.com. Please no Flames.
include your age for legal preteen lolita models legal reasons.
Meet with the Author 2nd Sunday of each month see details above in
opening. Just for friendly conversation over drinks.
Kevin Kelly
flames not answered.
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